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Bill Longua USPTA Certified Pro

From: Bill Longua

          United States Professional Tennis Association Certified Pro
          Tennis Director / Head Pro
          Palm Island Resort, Cape Haze, Florida

Dear Tennis Enthusiast:

          How many times have you heard the saying: Tennis is a mental game?

          Or that you can improve your tennis just by changing your mindset?

          Each time I hear this, I always get a good laugh out of it.

          Let me explain.

I have been playing and coaching tennis professionally since 1973. That’s 37 long years. During this period, I have seen more training systems and methods than I care to remember... each one claiming to be more “revolutionary” and “game-changing” than the last.

           Embarrassingly, in a bid to improve my game back then... I bought into a couple of them.

As we’re now in the Internet age, these training systems are making their rounds once again... with websites claiming that you can instantly improve your game of tennis...

Just By Thinking About It!

10th Aug 1983 issue of The Nashua Telegraph: I’ve been playing tennis competitively... even before the Internet!  

          You know what I mean: Those books and courses that claim there are secret “mental” strategies to master if you want to beat your opponents... or how your skills can instantly improve if you have the winning mindset.

           Now, let’s get this straight.

          I do believe there is a mental side to tennis. But tennis is no more “mental” than how baseball is, or how riding a bicycle is.

          Saying that you can play a great game of tennis just by changing your mindset is like saying you can learn to drive a car... just by thinking positive!

          And yet each year, hundreds (or even thousands) of “experts” continue to spread these MYTHS to beginners for one simple reason...

It Preys On Their Desperation For A Quick Fix

And Makes Money!

          You see, no one likes being told the truth that improving their tennis is hard work.  If you want honest training, make sure the person you are learning from is certified to train, and has credentials to back them up.  At least then you are learning from someone who had to submit their knowledge and skills to a third party for verification.

          No one likes being told that improving their game involves hundreds of hours of practice and actual play.

          Everyone likes being told that they CAN easily improve their tennis with very little effort... just by “thinking” positive!

          This is the kind of quick-fix mentality that sells those books and courses.

          It is also the easiest to teach without having to give any actual proof. Which is easier? Writing a book about the thoughts you can think... or one which describes actual physical postures and stance when playing tennis?

          I think you get the idea.

          I have been around the court for a long time... and I’ve seen these crazes come and go. Each time, a student would get all excited about improving his game after mastering one of these mental tricks. A few weeks later, his enthusiasm would give way and he would be back to square one.

          More often than not, it is his enthusiasm and belief which created that short burst of improved performance... and not an ACTUAL change in the way he played.

          That’s why after coaching thousands of students in the game of tennis and seeing many of them receive college scholarships (where you are judged on ACTUAL game play performance)... I discovered that the key to good tennis lies in 2 simple words:

Muscle Memory

          Playing great tennis is not complicated. If you want to play better tennis, you need to cultivate muscle memory. This means telling the muscles of your body how to react in each situation to counter your opponent’s shots.

          To cultivate muscle memory, actual physical practice is needed. Without “going through the motion” yourself... there is no way your body understands how it feels like to hit the ball in a particular way.

          Here’s something to prove my point: Have you ever watched one of those pros play on television where they’re moving all over the court and reacting so effortlessly?

          Now if tennis really is a purely mental game, why is it that hours of watching them on TV can never get you anywhere CLOSE to their level of physical dexterity?

          The answer is simple.

Watching Someone Play Tennis Does NOT

Help You Gain Muscle Memory

          You may watch a game and know what is the best way to counter the shot... but when it comes to moving your own muscles to hit the shot, the mind-hand connection is just not present for most players.

          Cultivating this mind & hand coordination is the KEY to playing great tennis.

          This mind-hand coordination is also what the experts REALLY mean when they say tennis is a “mental” game. There is indeed a mental side to tennis, but it would be useless if...

It Is Not Fused With The Physical!

          Why am I telling you all this?

From 1973 to 2005, I was the Resident Head Pro at two clubs in New Hampshire – the Nashua Swim & Tennis Club and the Racquet Club of Concord.

          Coaching at tennis clubs allowed me to monitor & chart the progress of each student very closely over a period of months or years.

          From 2005 onwards, when I accepted my current position of Tennis Director at the beautiful Palm Island Resort in Florida...

I Had A Complete Shock!

          You see, instead of coaching players for months or years on end at clubs... I was now teaching students over a period of 1 to 2 weeks. Most of my students are guests who come to the resort for a few weeks... which means I could no longer take my “own sweet time” to coach them.  

          Not only did I have to “size up” each student’s abilities and mistakes quickly...

I Also Had To Produce Actual Results

Within 2 Weeks!

          This was when I started developing my system to improve muscle memory. By focusing on ONE specific element of the game at a time (such as the serve, grip or lop) instead of working on a whole bunch of areas at once... I was able to create long-lasting and permanent improvements for many of my students.

Bill Longua Private Tennis Lesson

Bill Longua Private Tennis Lesson

Coaching tennis at the beautiful Palm Island Resort

          You see, conventional tennis coaching involves a coach sending balls in your direction and you hitting them back. The coach would then provide guidance on anything that catches his eye. It is this haphazard and scattered training approach that takes a long time to produce results.  

          Instead, by focusing on just ONE element of tennis at a time... I was able to get that one mistake out of the way and move on to other aspects of the game!

          And since we only focused on ONE aspect at a time, the repetition allowed my students to quickly gain the muscle memory needed to execute that move without any distractions or confusion.

          I could even provide them with advice on improving their game AFTER our 2 weeks was over... by simply making them concentrate on another aspect of their game until we could meet again.

          By concentrating on one simple element at a time...

This System Can Be Used By A Player

In His Own Training... At His Own Pace!

          That’s what I’m most excited about.

          By systematically structuring my 37-year coaching experience into a series of 16 lessons, a player can now focus on one aspect of the game at a time. Since there is nothing else to distract him, he can practice on his own and progress at his own pace.

Introducing Winning Tennis Strokes:

A System That Actually Builds Muscle Memory!

          Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player (NTRP Rating 1.0 to 4.0), you’ll benefit from my structured training system where I explain (with full photographs & text) my 16-point method for improving each aspect of tennis.


·         How to turn every game of tennis you watch, be it at clubs or on television, into a great training opportunity (Instead of just mindlessly watching like others do... you could be using this technique to constantly improve your own game!)

·         How the scoring system for tennis works (Many of my students hope for a guide that can teach them proper tennis scoring.)

·         The reason why we can observe a perfect stroke and picture it mentally but NOT perform it immediately (Understanding this principle speeds up your learning process.)

·         The 2 components of great “court sense” and how they can be developed (If you want to move around the court and return shots effortlessly... I show you how you can acquire these 2 skills.)

·         The only 2 kinds of errors you can make that will cause you to lose a point to an opponent (Once you understand there are only 2 fundamental mistakes a player can make during a game, you’ll understand the strategies needed to correct them.)

·         The #1 misconception about “concentration” during a tennis game, and why most of the advice out there about concentration is dead wrong!

·         Why it is important to concentrate on different areas of a game depending on your current ability (I explain what beginners, intermediate and advanced players should each concentrate on.)

·         Are you constantly worried or embarrassed about people watching you as you play or practice? I teach a highly effective technique that instantly banishes any feelings of embarrassment that can distract you from your training.

·         The 6 things an intermediate player should concentrate on to move to an advanced level of game play in the shortest possible time

·         How to maximize the effectiveness of your weekly tennis lessons by strategically scheduling a few practice sessions in between (It’s NOT about how long you practice!)

·         The best way to practice as a beginner (Or how your beginner friend can practice with you for the fastest results, even without a coach around.)

·         How you can improve the control and consistency of your shots by using this free training aid

·         7 highly effective drills two players can use with each other to add variation and build muscle memory needed for a better game

·         2 kinds of power in tennis, and which is the kind you should develop for your shots (Most players end up having the wrong kind of power, which leads to their ball landing outside the court most of the time!)

·         The secret to developing power in your shots... while having the ball land exactly where you want it to (Hint: It’s not about brute force or pure strength, but by making one simple shift as you hit the ball.)

·         Why swinging your racquet quickly is not an effective way of hitting a powerful shot, and what you should do instead at the point of contact

·         How you should position yourself in between each shot (Most players only concentrate on their motion during each shot... and neglect what they should do BETWEEN shots!)

·         The golden rule you should obey when preparing for a stroke (Doing this right can shave seconds off your “reaction time” and let you hit the ball exactly as you envision it.)

·         The importance of starting with a proper ready position

·         How having the right ready position allows you to quickly react to your opponent’s shots with either a forehand or backhand stroke

·         The 6 key aspects of a ready position (I show you my exact stance and how you should position yourself.)

·         How you can master the Eastern, Western and Continental forehand grips (and which grip you should use)

·         Why the Continental grip is an extremely important (but often neglected) grip in tennis

·         The most important aspect of a forehand stroke, and what you should do once your opponent has struck the ball (Most beginners fail to do this... resulting in a hurried stroke!)

·         The traditional forehand explained, and how you can practice your forehand by breaking it down into 3 stages

·         What the Modern forehand is and how it generates more power and spin (Learn how and when you should transition from using the traditional to modern forehand.) 

·         What is the easiest grip you can practice with when serving the ball (and which grip you should NOT use for a serve)

·         The secret of a good serve and what you should do to acquire it

·         The #1 reason why beginners fumble with their serve

·         The recommended backhand grip for a beginner that allows you to quickly master ball control, spin and power (and which backhand grips you can progress to as you’re more comfortable.)

·         The advantages of a two-handed backhand and under which playing circumstances you should avoid it

·         How to execute a perfect two-handed backhand grip starting from the backswing all the way to the forward swing

·         What to do if there is not enough time to get into position for a two-handed backhand (For example, if you are faced with a very aggressive opponent. This will allow you to counter his shot and STILL have time to react.)

·         What the one handed topspin backhand is all about and how to take advantage of its “naturalness” when playing (I also teach you how to execute this backhand move.)

·         When you should use the one handed topspin backhand and when you should avoid it (I teach you a rule to gauge when your chances of hitting a good topspin will be the highest.)

·         How to execute a backhand slice in the event a topspin backhand is not suitable

·         Where you should stand when executing a forehand volley (I teach you the sweet spot you should be standing on... depending on your level of experience and ability.)

·         How you should execute a forehand volley and one mistake most players make on a volley

·         The key to delivering the explosive, offensive punch needed by a volley (Hint: It’s to hit the ball at a particular point.)

·         How to hit a defensive volley easily by following this simple principle (Remember: It’s not about pure strength, but about knowing how to use your opponent’s strength against him.)

·         The elusive backhand volley and one simple change you should make to deliver a powerful shot (Most players make the mistake of c___ instead of r___!)

·         How to master the full serve and the 3 different kinds of serves (flat, spin, slice) explained

·         My favorite, sneaky technique of executing a serve such that my opponent will NOT be able to detect what type of serve I’m delivering in advance

·         The crucial coiling and uncoiling process you should master during a serve

·         The one thing you MUST do when serving (Most players STOP doing this way too early... resulting in their ball ending up in the net.)

·         The lob fully explained and when it should be used (Most players do not want to use the lob because it seems like a cowardly shot... but I show you how it is the most effective way to hit a difficult shot.)

·         A strategy you can use to force your opponents back to the baseline and change your strategy from defensive to offensive

·         How you should return a lob hit by your opponent

·         The popular swinging volley and how you can deliver that sharp, mid-air punch needed

·         How to add more topspin to your ball by understanding the actual physics behind creating more topspin

·         The “secret weapon” in tennis – backspin (Learn how you can add this technique to your arsenal, especially for one-handed backhand players.)

·         7 common mistakes made by beginners and even intermediate tennis players (If you have been struggling to improve your game, chances are you’re making 1 of these 7 common mistakes and not realizing it!)

·         And more...

If you have read through the list above, you’ll realize it covers pretty much...

 Everything You Need To Know

To Play Good Tennis!

          I leave nothing out as I pack everything into a comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow tennis course you can learn from at your own pace. From the ready position, beginner’s serve to the full serve, grips, strokes and volleys... Everything is explained and demonstrated by me step-by-step, with full sized photographs.

          Maybe you’re still skeptical about improving your game of tennis just by following instructions off a book. I understand how you feel. But at the same time, I know my system works.

          After using it to coach thousands of students in the past 37 years, including many students who turned professional under my guidance... I want you to benefit from the same level of training they enjoyed, no matter where in the country or world you are.  

          Remember – My training is laser focused on building the muscle memory you need for a great game of tennis in the shortest possible time. Reading about my techniques is one thing, I also give you actual, tangible advice so you can try out the moves for yourself.

          Let’s face it: Private lessons are expensive. Maybe you’re already taking private lessons but not seeing the improvements you want. Or you’re looking for an affordable way to improve your game of tennis.

          That’s why you can buy my entire “Winning Tennis Strokes” system for a low price of $17, and try my training techniques out for yourself. Considering that I charge $60 an hour for coaching, this is an amazing deal.

          You get my 37 years of tennis experience all rolled into one program... at a FRACTION of the cost of an hour of private lessons!

          Plus, everything is fully backed by a...

60 Day, Money-Back Guarantee

“Improve Your Tennis Game Within 60 Days With My Methods

... Or Your Money Back!”

          As a professional sportsman, I stand behind my word. Look, if I really wanted to make a lot of money out of this, I would be charging hundreds of dollars for this knowledge since you’re getting the equivalent of hours and hours of private lessons with me.

          But since my mission is to reach out to as many tennis enthusiasts as I can over the Internet, you can now buy my “Winning Tennis Strokes” program for just $17.

          Try my techniques for yourself for a full 60 days. If your tennis game does not visibly improve, or if your friends are not stunned by your newfound tennis abilities... just let me know and I’ll refund the $17 you paid.

          If my techniques do not help you play a better game of tennis, I don’t want your money!

Buy Now

Special Bonus: 1 Month Free Membership

To Bill Longua’s Online Tennis Training Club

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          The first 50 readers to download a copy of my book, “Winning Tennis Strokes” will also receive 1 month free access to my Online Tennis Training Club.

          The online tennis training club is an affordable alternative to taking private lessons with a pro and features online video lessons and weekly articles you can use to improve your game.

          As a member, you can also submit your tennis videos for a personal critique by me, or ask any questions you have about mastering the game.

          Subscription costs $12.95 per month but if you’re the first 50 to download my new course... you get one month of access for free!

          In my 37 years of tennis coaching, I have coached players of all backgrounds, with varying skill levels.

Whether you just want to play a better game of tennis for fun, or improve your performance in competitions... building good muscle memory is a crucial first step.

If you follow my steps and work on one aspect of your game at a time, I can help you improve your game within 2 months. This is my personal promise to you. No matter where you’re at and what obstacles you’re facing, my 37 years of experience will at least show you the way.

How Will Your Tennis Game Be
2 Months From Now?

          There are 2 paths for you now.

You can either play tennis the same way as you always did (and make the same mistakes) OR take your game play to a whole new level by downloading a copy of “Winning Tennis Strokes” for the cost of a couple of tennis balls.

          The choice is yours.

          Make the right one today!


To A Better Game,

Bill Longua

Author of “Winning Tennis Strokes”

37 year tennis veteran and USPTA Certified Pro


P.S – If you have an NTRP rating of between 1 and 4, you’ll benefit from the advice I share to improve your game of tennis. In my 37 years of coaching and playing competitively, I have dealt with almost every kind of opponents and players. Chances are, I’ll be able to help you improve your tennis too.

What Do People Say About Bill’s Tennis Coaching?

“Bill has been my coach for several years now.  He is patient and helps me improve the basics so I can take my tennis game to the next level.  I can always hear him saying “wait, wait” for the shot whenever I play.  His coaching is logical, consistent, and always encouraging.”

Beth Athanassiades - Atlanta, Georgia and Palm Island, Florida


“Thank you so much Bill for all your patience and encouragement in teaching my children tennis at Palm Island Resort.  You have a great eye for technique and an ability to pinpoint errors and correct them quickly.  My kids really look forward to your lessons and over the last few years you have helped them to develop better tennis skills and inspired them to have a love for the game.  I have been involved in the tennis world for over 40 years both competing and instructing and have been impressed with your knowledge of tennis and enthusiasm.”  

Thanks again,

Mrs. Dale Kozicz

Oakville, Ontario

#1 ranked Ontario WO45 Doubles 2010 


“I took several lessons from Bill and the great thing about his teaching is he doesn't try to make a different player out of you.  At 60 years of age, I know I'm not joining the tour anytime soon and so does Bill!  He works with what you have been doing forever and will try to improve it and give it a little tweak in the right direction. He compliments what you are doing well and demonstrates and suggests to help you improve what you need to improve.  He is a great coach!”

Jeanette Parker

Gainesville, FL


"Bill Longua has a great ability to quickly analyze precisely the things I am doing wrong and the simple ways I can correct them. He makes the process easy and enjoyable. He is an outstanding tennis teacher.”

Don Ryan - Janesville, Wisconsin


"Bill Longua is an excellent teacher with great technical skills. He has improved my game significantly in the past two years. I plan to continue working with Bill in the future”


Strand, Minneapolis


“What impresses me about Bill is his ability to analyze a person’s game and ability, and provide some very specific feedback to improve. I’ve seen him do this in adult group lessons – with 3.0 – 4.5 levels all together. He makes you feel like you are taking a private lesson with his direct and correct coaching. While vacationing at Palm Island, my teenage daughter has taken lessons from Bill for a couple years. He provides unique and meticulous feedback to her and challenges her to play her best game.”

Sharon Magee

Skaneateles, NY


“I have a home on Palm Island in Florida where Bill Longua is the tennis professional.  I have known Bill for several years. He is a very good instructor on a one on one basis or running clinics.  He picks up your problems quickly and shows you how to correct them.  Bill is very patient both with adults and children.  If you watch him, you can tell he enjoys instructing.  We have had several out of state groups come for long weekends for play and learning from Bill and all are returning.  As a senior citizen, I have learned a lot from Bill and he has made my tennis game more enjoyable even though I continue to be a fierce competitor.

Arthur I. Auer, MD from St. Louis, MO.


“Bill Longua is one of the best Professional Tennis Teachers.  His knowledge of Tennis is by far the best in the business.  He has taught me everything about tennis and brought me to my future. Bill Longua will bring the best tennis player out of you.  I am the owner of Concord Tennis. I can say I would not be here without Bill Longua.”

Marcel Gamache

Concord Tennis




When I look back at how I was taught the game, I find myself using the same techniques, always looking for a higher level of teaching the same way my father did. His ability to teach developed me into a scholarship tennis player at Concordia College, Bronxville, N.Y. I achieved national collegiate rankings during my four years at school. I am now the Tennis Director at Scarsdale Golf Club, Hartsdale, N.Y. When people ask me how I got into this field, there is only one answer, Bill Longua. He showed me how to have fun and teach this sport to the best of my ability. I am fortunate that I was able to learn tennis from my Dad which has led me to this wonderful career … not many children can say that.

Ian Longua, Mamaroneck, N.Y.

Director of Tennis

Scarsdale Golf Club, Hartsdale, N.Y.


Bill Longua is a tennis coach who's lessons we enjoyed very much. He had good drills and corrected our errors with humor instead of criticism. He was always upbeat and made us look forward to every lesson.

Marilyn and Berger Carlson, Concord, N.H.


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