Errors-Good and Bad

Many players believe that any shot not landing in the court is an error. This, while taken literally may have to be defined that way, is really is not so. Let’s discuss ones that are and ones that are not.

You’re playing a point and drive an aggressive forehand down the line and the ball lands a couple of inches wide, in my opinion that is not an error, that’s a miss. You never want to get down on yourself at any time; it will only hurt your game. Never get down after a miss!! Misses are going to happen when you are playing well and trying to win a match as opposed to playing too conservatively and trying not to lose.

tennis forehand

If you miss on ground strokes you want to have the ball land either long or wide. Ground strokes that hit the net are errors. No shot has a chance of landing in if it does not go over the net. When you practice try to hit all your shots past the service line, this way even if the ball falls short of the service line it is still over the net. Take putting in golf as an example. Where would you like a missed putt to end up? (No, close to the hole is not the answer.) The ball should end up past the hole; if it stopped short it could not go in. The same in tennis, the ball has to go over the net to have a chance of landing in. So, hit up and follow through for good shots and some misses, but not errors in the net.

tennis follow through

There are errors on ground strokes that do land long or wide, called unforced errors. This is when there is no pressure on you with the oncoming shot and you are not trying to do too much with your shot and for no apparent reason you hit it out. Concentrate on your form harder after one of those.

Another example of a miss or an error is in serving. Your good hard first serve is out, that’s a miss. A double fault is an unforgivable error, never give a point away!

tennis overhead

Errors occur due to lack of concentration, another example is a shot hit off the frame because the player is just not watching the ball. Misses are due to a bit of inaccuracy, do not equate the two.

Concentration is the answer for both misses and errors. Focus in more and you’ll cut down on both. Again, please don’t get down on yourself, it never helps.

Good Luck-Have Fun!!

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