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Coil for Power

Coil for Power

Power in tennis shots comes from different areas, one of the most important is the coiling down to generate power as we come up.

Our ground strokes require a preparation that allows us to bend our knees when taking the racquet back. Whether discussing the Traditional forehand or backhand, or the more Modern style, knee bends are essential. The Traditional strokes, where our bodies are turned more sideways to the net and our stances are closed, have a knee bend in the rear leg, which will automatically bend the front leg a bit. This bending allows the player to come up, and through, the ball at contact resulting in more power. With the Modern style the body is more open to the net and so too is the stance. Notice in the picture how bent the right knee is while preparing for the forehand, the term “ loading “ is used instead of coiling, but we are talking the same thing here, lowering the body to generate an upward motion creating power.

Serving also requires a coiling action. We want to hit our serves at the apex of our reach. When this is accomplished two things occur, one, the trajectory downward is greater, giving us a better angle to hit the serve in, and two, there is a much larger arc in the swing which will generate more head speed, thus power. Remember L=L, or, if the serve is Long you probably hit it too Low. To be able to reach that apex the knees have to bend as the toss is being lifted. This coiling process allows us to push upward towards the toss and contact the ball at our maximum height. [See picture]

Let’s not forget the overhead either. We need to hit that shot high also, for the exact same reason as the serve. Ever wonder why your overhead is continually flying long? Go back to the L=L theory, they are being struck too low.

With both the serve and overhead remember to keep the head up through the entire stroke; this will insure longer eye contact and an extended reach.

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Think Shoulders

Think Shoulders

What does throwing a great pitch, a touchdown pass, hitting a baseball, smacking a perfect drive in golf, scoring a hockey goal with a blazing slap shot or good tennis ground strokes have in common? The answer for all these is a consistent shoulder rotation. When you have some time, watch some of these other sports and take note of where the shoulders are in relation to the ball just before the ball is thrown or struck. You will instantly pick up on the fact that the shoulders have rotated sideways and maintain that position until release or contact and then rotate forward for power and direction.

The same holds true for all tennis strokes-shoulders are the key for power and consistency.

The forehand and backhand topspin ground strokes, whether you hit in a closed or open stance, need the shoulders to rotate sideways to the ball and then be at a forty-five degree angle at contact turning towards the net when following through.

The back spin, or slice, forehand and backhand ground strokes are hit in a closed stance and turned shoulders. You should maintain that position through the contact point and not rotate the shoulders forward after the shot, but keep the shoulders sideways to the net until the follow through is completed.

To hit the volley correctly the opposite leg must step forward toward the ball and net, this will correctly force your shoulders to turn toward the ball and create a forty-five degree angle at the point of contact. Again, maintain that angle until the ball has left the face of the racquet.

When hitting the serve or overhead begin with the front shoulder facing toward the net. As you coil and then reach up for the shot the shoulders should begin to rotate forward-be at a forty-five degree angle at contact and then rotate forward towards the net completing the follow through.

Remember, the shoulders are the key ingredient for keeping the face of the racquet level at contact, thus giving your shots more consistency and the rotation adds power. Think shoulders and your game will improve.

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