How many times have we heard “practice makes perfect”? Well, we all know that’s not true. Wait! I’m wrong; my neighbor bowls a three hundred on Wii every time. Other than that the statement is not possible in tennis, even the world’s best make errors in matches, but practice is not done enough. It is much more fun to play and make the same errors over and over.So let’s discuss some different practice methods to help improve your game.

If you can find a back board at your club or park use it. The back board is a great way to practice your ground strokes and gain confidence, consistency and power. Your level of play will determine the distance away from the board you should start from. The newer you are to tennis the closer you should be. For the more advanced never be farther than forty feet, since the distance from baseline to the net is thirty nine. Work on stroke production, concentrate on foot movement and the correct form on your ground strokes. Beginners- back up as your consistency improves. If you can find a board with a painted net line, that’s better for the height of your shots.

The back board, if up close, is great for the volley. The quickness of the return will develop your hand eye coordination and improve your reflexes.

If you belong to a club and have access to rent a ball machine, do it. There is nothing better than the constant repetition for your ground strokes and volleys. The advantage of the ball machine over the back board is pretty obvious. Even if you miss, the shots just keep on coming!!

Find a partner who has the same goals as you, wanting to improve. Research some practice drills and use them. If you an hour of practice time spend half on a variety of shots and half on one specific problem area. If you can do this only twice a week you will be amazed at the rapid improvement.

Lastly, do not forget the serve, the least practiced and arguably the most important shot in the game. The best part of practicing the serve is all you need is a court and a bucket of balls. Bring towels with you and place them in the corners of the service squares to aim at.

Practice can be fun, especially when you see the improvement in your game.

Good Luck-Have Fun!!