Backspin Serve

Yes, you read the title correctly, in this article I am going to give a serving tip that will not appear in any tennis instruction book (including mine) on how to improve your serve if you have one of two problems. First, you had shoulder issues in the past and cannot easily raise your arm above your head without pain or you were never a great athlete as a child and never developed a proper throwing motion.

There have been so many players put through endless torment trying to toss the ball higher so they can reach up to a high contact point coming over the shoulder, when the fact of the matter is it will never happen, and if there is a bit of reach there will never be any power on the serve because the whole motion is foreign and the muscles are not developed. So, if you’ve injured your shoulder in the past or do not have a developed throwing motion here is your answer.

Remember, this tip is technically incorrect, but who cares, it will improve your weak serve.

Line up the same way at the baseline for your serve, at a forty-five degree angle.

The correct grip for the serve is the Continental but you need to be in the Western hand grip.

When you toss the ball it should travel up slightly higher than your head, about a foot in front of the body and in line to your hitting shoulder. The hitting arm comes straight up on the side of your body- not back behind you- with the handle approximately ear high. Here’s the big part, with a very firm wrist push the butt of the racquet forward and down brushing down the back of the ball with the face of the racquet slightly open, contact should be made at eye level. Do not think about getting over the top of the ball, just brush down.

With practice, to develop timing, your serve should have more power and bounce lower due to the backspin not allowing your opponent to blast back a return.

Good Luck-Have Fun!!